Giving your skin the freedom of speech

Ruan Coetzee aka "Ru".

I found my passion for art at a young age and always knew one day I would want to make a life out of it. I only discovered the art of tattooing when I started to study Graphic design. The passion grew and I knew that even though it would be difficult, I began a new life as an aspiring tattoo artist.

 From 2008, I have had the privilege to have worked in various tattoo studios with some amazing artist. After hard work, planning and a lot of love and support from close friends and family, my wonderful wife Cherie (Co-Owner) and I created Truth be Told Studio, where we can always strive to better ourselves.

I love all forms of tattoo art, especially a challenge. I believe as a tattoo artist it's my obligation to involve art beyond the studio, so that I can perfect my craft.